No More FOMO: Halo Infinite Gets It Right

Finally a Reason to Rejoice

There was much anticipation to see what 343 Studios had done with Microsoft’s flagship franchise after its much-maligned introduction in August 2020. Thankfully, the studio seems to have reacted well to fan feedback, and the game, now given the time, looks far more polished and ready to dazzle than it has done since that fateful day in 2020.

Since the revamped version of the game was revealed at E3 2021 there was been much to rejoice over. With a host of new game modes, customization options, and a multiplayer that would be free-to-play from launch, fans felt vindicated in their patience. Graphical upgrades and excellent multiplayer were to be expected. However, what overjoyed so many gamers was the reveal that Halo Infinite’s Battlepass system would, like that of MCC, be more forgiving to gamers with less time to sink into the game.

Developers 343 Studios revealed that the Battlepass would not have an expiration date, unlike so many modern games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex Legends that force games to spend ridiculous amounts of time or money to progress within the system, something I have complained about before. As a long-time gamer who holds down a job and studies while trying to enjoy the latest gaming trends this a massively appreciated move. I can play Halo this holiday season safe in the knowledge that I won’t be bogged down by tedious LTEs that force me to ignore other games for the sake of a few cosmetics.

My next hope is that this move by 343 Studios, and others such as Gears of War 5 developer The Coalition, has such a positive response that it forces change within the industry that frees gamers from the more predatory practises that have plagued us for over a decade.

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