Welcome To The Year Before


Welcome to The Year Before, a blog I’ve created as part of one of my final modules at University; Digital Economies and Digital Cultures.

I started this blog when I was in the process of applying for my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the Lifelong Learning sector (Further Education) for September 2016, and I wanted to share my experiences with others who may be going through the same process, or who are thinking about it in the future.

This blog exists so that I can share with fellow educators, whether pre-service or in service, and education enthusiasts ideas and experiences of teaching, from the application process, to my actual PGCE when it starts in September 2016 as well as discussing current educational issues.  I think you can gain so much by reading about the experiences of others, sharing ideas, resources and a passion for teaching, and blogs like this one, and social media platforms such as twitter enable this and bring people together.

I am not a blogging pro just yet, as I have never blogged before, so you might have to bare with me while I get used to things, but I just thought I’d join the party and get myself involved.

Hopefully this blog will be a useful insight, and interesting read, for anyone thinking of becoming a teacher or who is teaching already.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading, and I’ll speak to you all soon!


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