Graduation Day

Personal statement

Well today it became official, I am now a graduate of the University of Lincoln! What a whirlwind of emotions today has been filled with. I have cried, I have smiled and cheered and I have felt a mixture of emotions. I am overwhelmingly proud to have graduated with a First Class Honours degree in International Tourism Management, and it was fantastic graduating in Lincoln Cathedral. The scenery really is break taking. But I am also upset to be leaving the uni behind, as well as my friends and tutors who have really made the last three years special. But on the other hand I am excited that today also marked the first day of my PGCE programme and I am embarking upon the next leg of my journey into adulthood and towards my dream career. See what I mean now about a whirlwind of emotions? It was great seeing all of my course mates again after not seeing them since May this year and having a catch up, and of course taking lots of photos to document the event! The thing I keep forgetting is that I shall be graduating all over again next year, but this is the big ceremony and I am so glad that I attended and experienced it. Below are a few snaps from today, and looking at these photos fills me and my family with pride, it really has been a fantastic day!



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