30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day Two

Personal statement


Right, slightly behind with this challenge already, that doesn’t bode well does it! Things have been a bit hectic here, have just found out me and Lliam have managed to secure the new house we wanted, so things are all steam ahead with moving. So it’s been busy busy here. Anyway, I’ll catch you all up with the challenge to date.

So day 2 – 20 facts about me..Some I’m sure you’ll think are strange and random, and others are just out right boring (sorry!)

1. I love all furry animals, rabbits especially

2. My natural hair colour is brown (shh!)

3. I have watched the entire Gossip Girl series at least 3 times now

4. I love anything Disney! (currently watching Jungle Book while writing this)

5. I am a bit of a workaholic, always managing to keep busy

6. Some would say I am a perfectionist, I just say I have an eye for detail

7. I watch a lot of TV and Movies..

8. I’ve been with my partner Lliam for almost 7 years now (I’m sure you get less time in prison for some crimes?)

9. My first car was called Polly the Punto, I now drive Felicity the Focus

10. I thoroughly enjoy releasing my inner child at any given opportunity

11. I am an extremely crafty person (the artistic form, not shifty)

12. I make my own handmade cards and other paper craft items

13. I am about to pursue my dream career of Travel & Tourism teacher in September when my PGCE starts

14. I’ve only recently joined the rest of humanity with an Instagram account, and finding it rather addictive!

15. I don’t understand the use of Snapchat?

16. It makes me feel old to know I have been classes as a mature student for the last 3 years

17. I share my birthday with James Morrisson

18. I try to exercise regularly, whether its the gym or running, but I lack motivation which makes it so difficult. And I just love cake so its a vicious circle.

19. Apparently I own too many pairs of shoes..but who’s counting?

20. I’m also a sucker for a film which makes me cry. Fault in our Stars gets me every time!

Well, that was somewhat harder than expected! Hope you enjoyed the read guys. I’ll now continue to catch up with all the other posts I’ve missed recently.

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