30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day Ten

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Right, so I’ve made it into double figures! Wahoo! So day 10, the best trip of my life. Now I’m sorry for this guys but this is going to be yet another slightly boring post. When I was growing up I never really went abroad so planes weren’t really anything I experienced. My family always took holidays in the U.K, normally at typical seaside resorts such as Skegness, Mablethorpe and Blackpool etc. I remember spending many summers in Butlins and absolutely loving it. When I was a little bit older I joined a youth club and we took annual camping holidays to various places in the U.K and further afield such as Isle of Wight and Jersey and met up with another youth club based in Taunton. These trips were the highlight of my summer getting to see all my friends again. But I’d have to say I can’t pinpoint one exact trip as being my best one, it’s split between three. AllĀ of which were with my partner Lliam. We went to Paris in 2010 over Easter weekend, we spent the weekend in London for my 21st Birthday and we spentĀ five days in London this summer 2016.

Paris April 2010

Paris was absolutely fantastic! We spent the weekend being typical tourists visiting some of the major sites including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Arc de Triumphe (which we were staying round the corner from). The Arc was an eventful one to visit, we spent the first 2 days of our visit walking around the Arc wondering how on earth we were supposed to get to the island in the middle?! Were we expected to cross 4 lanes of oncoming traffic to get there? Surely not we thought…then on day three we saw a sign with some steps on it and an arrow. There was steps that led to an underground passage which came out on the island! I can’t believe we had been that stupid to miss it! Anyway, we finally figured it out and visited it and the view was amazing! I really do love the city and it has some gorgeous food. I couldn’t quite bring myself to try the snails though! Maybe next time.


London August 2013

London for my 21st was a great trip, although it was only short it was awesome. We went to see Lion King the musical at the Lyceum theatre, went to London Zoo and did a bit of shopping and touristing around Camden and Covent Garden. I loved the zoo so much, especially the penguins! So much so I made Lliam come watch them be fed three times throughout the day haha. The musical was amazing, so interactive and thrilling, I’d happily watch it again, and I strongly recommend it to anyone whether they like musicals or not, as Lliam wasn’t keen when I told him we were going but afterwards he said he loved it!


London August 2016

London this summer was a last minute decision. I’d taken the same week off work I always book off, my birthday week in August, and we decided on the Saturday night to have a look see what deals we could find. We managed to get a really good deal on the Megabus Plus, and found a dainty little hostel close to Hyde Park to stay in. Then while we were there we were just spontaneous with what we decided to do and where to go. We even injected some culture into our lives whilst we were there and went to the Proms at Royal Albert Hall! It is absolutely lovely architecture in there, and we ended up getting out tickets upgraded as the hall wasn’t full that evening, so we were sat almost in the front row instead of all the way up at the top. We both thoroughly enjoyed the proms and would happily go again. In fact we tried to get tickets the following evening to Beethoven themed night but it was fully booked. So instead we ended up booking last minute tickets to the matinee of Wicked musical, which was absolutely fantastic! I loved singing along to defying gravity with the rest of the audience, and it’s a great musical, I really do recommend it.


It does seem strange when I talk to people about my travels and they expect me to have travelled all over the world having done a tourism management degree and training to be a travel and tourism teacher, but I just haven’t had the finances or the time to do so, who knows maybe after I’ve finished my PGCE I’ll take some time out to travel. I need an excuse to experience the world to be able to offer first hand experience to my students haha.

I would absolutely love to get abroad and experience so many places across the world, to taste all the different cuisines and experience all the different cultures. Going to Iceland and Norway are on my bucket list, and I would absolutely love to see Australia and New Zealand! Who knows, maybe one day I will!

What’s been your favourite trip? Have you been anywhere exotic and exciting?

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