30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day One

Personal statement


So, after starting this blog a while back now I have been struggling to find time to sit and blog, even though I have so many interesting topics to talk about with you all! So, to get me into the swing of things as a new blogger, I thought I would do a ’30 day blogging challenge’ which I saw a fellow blogger Life of A Onesie Wearer post (you can find her fab blog here). Doing this I have 30 topics to keep me busy, and I need to set time aside each day to blog! :) Which I’m sure I will love doing, as I have really enjoyed it so far. I’ll also be able to share some details with you all about me to get to know me and my blog.

So day one: My blogs name.

The Year Before; The blog really is what it says on the tin, it’s my year before. But more specifically my PGCE which I start in September 2016, and I’m so excited! This blog is here for me to document everything I’ve done and am doing in the lead up to my PGCE. Sharing my experiences, discussing current issues, and providing advice and tips for anyone going through the same process or maybe just thinking about it. I will also be carrying this blog on during my PGCE and beyond. So i’ll be sharing my experiences of my time in the classroom, and my lesson observations (how daunting!) and all other aspects of teacher training!

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