30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day Nine

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So day nine brings us to what’s in your bag/wallet…not to sure I want to complete this one as I can’t remember the last time I emptied my handbag! Well here goes…I’ll tell you about the contents of my main bag, as I use several different ones depending on where I’m going or what I’m doing that day.

So in here we have my purse, detrimental as you never know if you’re going to need that.

My diary, another essential. Without my diary or Google calendar I’d be lost, like literally. I’m useless if it isn’t wrote down in front of me what I have to do or where I need to be then the chances are I won’t do it or won’t turn up! This is why I’m a fond lover of my ‘To do list’ pad I have on my desk. I also love checking things off when I’ve done them, gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

Hand cream, every woman needs to have some hand cream in her handbag.

Glasses cleaning wipes, and plasters, essentials I always have with me. My friends always call me mumma bear as I have a ‘mumsie’ handbag apparently.

Then there’s the emergency chocolate that I always keep in my handbag, but today it seems like the kit kat didn’t quite live to see another day… it is in fact an empty wrapper. Note to self – need to replace emergency chocolate! You never know when a situation will arise and chocolate is the only answer. I like to be prepared haha.

Anyway I feel like this has been a rather uninteresting post, nothing too bizarre and unusual in my handbag, well not today anyway…So I’m going to use this post to signpost you to my various social media accounts if you want to drop me a follow and see what I’m up to outside of my blog.




Twitter: @CLJohnson1992


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