8 Reasons to Use Exit Tickets In Your Lessons

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Now I’m sure this is something you have all heard of, but I thought I’d post just in case any of my readers haven’t heard about it, or don’t know the benefits of them or even how to use them. So here goes, I’m going to explain what they are and give you 8 reasons why I think you should be using them in your classroom. Basically an exit ticket is a document you get students to fill out at the end of a teaching session to provide you with some summative assessment. You can test their knowledge on what they have learnt in the session, but you can also use them to gage what elements students understood and those areas which need covering again or if any particular students needs 1:1 support.

I have used an exit ticket within one of my teaching observations and it was commented on to be a great way to have summative assessment. I had headings such as;

– What have I learnt today?

– What areas were the most cloudy?

– What will I do to make it clearer?

– Any light bulb moments?

– How could the teaching be improved?

I went for a format with my exit ticket which which my learners could relate to, so I included emojis. They had to circle the emoji which summed up how they felt about the lesson, but also had to circle emojis related to my teaching and how well they met the objectives, how beneficial the teaching was to them etc. Get creative with your exit tickets, try to relate to your learners and give them it in a format you know they’ll enjoy doing, whether that’s making the ticket look like a mobile phone or a social media platform, or even making it relate to your subject. The higher the students interest is in the layout the more chance you’ll have of them engaging with it and giving you vital information to help direct your future sessions.

Here’s the exit ticket I use with my learners;


When you get observed, whether this is by your mentor or tutor during your PGCE or from a colleague in your institute or even Ofsted they will be interested in knowing how you assess learning, and how you know if your learners have in fact learnt anything during the session. Now of course you can use various questioning techniques to test your learners knowledge, but having an exit ticket documents what the students remember and have learnt during the lesson. This can then be handed over to your observer as evidence of students learning. So from this perspective they are fantastic! But you can also use it to develop your lessons, so if students didn’t enjoy a certain task, or a lot of students struggled to grasp a topic then you can amend your future sessions to accommodate for this and tailor your teaching to your students to ensure they progress as it is intended for them to do so.

8 reasons to use exit tickets in your lessons

So to summarise, here’s 8 reasons you should be using exit tickets in your lessons….

1. Allows you as a teacher to check for understanding

2. Help to guide your instruction in future sessions

3. Allows you to group students based on their needs, i.e. who grasped the topic and who needs extra support

4. Hold your students accountable. If they know they will have to fill out an exit ticket at the end of the lesson, chances are they’ll pay attention!

5. Exit tickets can be fun and aimed at your subject area or students interests, thus keeping them engaged!

6. Help to clarify the main concept of the lesson for students. Exit tickets help stress what was important about the lesson, and what they need to remember.

7. Allow for students to ask questions in a non-threatening way. Getting all students to ask a question extends their thinking and develops a growth mindset.

8. Exit tickets allow students to self-assess. They allow students to see what they need to do to improve, and to see how far they have developed since previous sessions.

Pay for Exit Tickets

And here’s some examples you could use in your lessons, courtesy of TES resources:

Social Media Exit Tickets £6

Superhero Exit Tickets £3.30

Comic themed Exit Tickets £5

Emoji Exit Tickets £4

Of course you can create your own, but these are just a few ready made ones you might want to try.

Free Exit Tickets

There are also a lot of free templates out there for you to try out if you maybe don’t fancy creating your own.


Picture Exit Tickets Click here to download the freebie


Think with your thumbs texting Exit Ticket Click here to download the freebie


Twitter Style Exit Ticket Click here to download the freebie


Summarising Exit Ticket Click here to download the freebie


3 2 1 Exit Ticket Click here to download the freebie

There are also lots of free templates on Google to give you inspiration if you want to edit them, or you can keep them as they are to have nice simple ones.

Here’s some simple examples from Google;

Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Let me know how you get on using Exit Tickets, or if you have a better resource for documenting students learning each lesson then please get in touch.

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