30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day One

Personal statement

So, after starting this blog a while back now I have been struggling to find time to sit and blog, even though I have so many interesting topics to talk about with you all! So, to get me into the swing of things as a new blogger, I thought I would do a ’30 day blogging challenge’ which I saw a fellow blogger Life of A Onesie Wearer post (you can find her fab blog here). […]

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Welcome To The Year Before


Welcome to The Year Before, a blog I’ve created as part of one of my final modules at University; Digital Economies and Digital Cultures. I started this blog when I was in the process of applying for my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the Lifelong Learning sector (Further Education) for September 2016, and I wanted to share my experiences with others who may be going through the same process, or who are thinking about […]

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