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As a future teacher, or a current one there are plenty of questions we have about the role, whether it’s assistance with lesson planning, observations etc, or questions about the education sector as a whole. But there’s no need to panic! There is help out there. Through blogs such as this one, social media, and other online forums. Here are some helpful tips to help get all those questions answered.



If you don’t already have a Twitter account I suggest that you sign up for one, as it’s a fantastic tool for networking with other teachers and educational professionals. I follow a lot of institutes, organisations and teachers on my twitter, and we regularly retweet articles that we find, and discusscurrent issues as well as sharing ideas.

There are a lot of scheduled discussions which you can take part in which may be of interest to you too, as follows;

@ITTchat#ITT – Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm

@NQTUK#NQTchat – Wednesdays 8pm – 9pm

@ukedchat #ukedchat – Thursdays 8pm – 9pm

 @theukfechat #UKFEchat – Thursdays 9pm (If interested in Further Education)

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As well as the above twitter accounts which feature weekly discussions I suggest following these accounts also to keep up to date, and be involved in idea swapping and gain insights into education, through tips and tricks too!

@the_college – National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)

@TeachTalks, @TeacherToolkit, @EdWeekTeacher, @TeachingIssues, @getintoteaching , @tes, @tesfenews@tesResources

Hopefully these guys will help you out with lots of information, tips, ideas etc., don’t be afraid to get involved, retweet articles, get involved in discussions and use hashtags related to your topic. I use #PGCE #ITT along with other ones such as #dreamcareer, #gettingintoteaching and many more!

The more you network and get yourself involved out there the more you will get noticed. I’m having so much fun using Twitter, and it’s great when a big organisation favourites or retweets your post. Good luck networking guys!

Teacher Toolkit (2016) also posted this article about top teachers to follow on twitter; 101 Educators to Follow as well as the Guardian (2013) publishing an article on which blogs to follow; Teacher blogs: Who should I be reading?. So hopefully these will help you out too!


The Guardian. (2013) Teacher blogs: who should I be reading? [Online] Available from:

Teacher Toolkit. (2016) 101 Educators to follow. [Online] Available from:

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