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The Times Education Supplement (TES) is a valuable tool for anyone working within, or interested in, teaching and education. After all it is “essential weekly intelligence for the education professional”. Each issue of the magazine, released every Friday, is packed full of news, discussions and ideas to keep us all up to date. Each issue is 2.90, however I managed to get mine on an introductory offer with four issues for just £1. Bargain! Although, I have now realised how fundamental these magazines are, even though most of the articles are on their website TES, it is nice having everything all in one place. So I will definitely be carrying on my membership after my trial.

Each magazine is split into ten sections;

1. TES Insight

2. TES Comment

3. TES Feedback

4. TES Feature

5. TES Professional

6. TES Further

7. TES Further Jobs

8. TES Leadership

9. TES Jobs

10. TES Life

I strongly recommend anyone who isn’t already a subscriber to this magazine to become one, as you will learn so much, and be able to keep up to date with education.

They have various packages available, including print and online, or just online subscriptions. They also often do various discounts such as 4 months for £1 or £4.99, normally if you are browsing on the site then a pop up will come up telling you about an offer to get you to try it. There’s no harm in trying one of these introductory offers and cancelling if its not for you. Outside of the offers its around £49 for the digital only, or £99 for print and digital.

You can subscribe here

Happy subscribing everyone, and if you want to discuss any articles then feel free to tweet me about it or comment on my blog somewhere and we can talk!

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