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Today I had my interview at Sheffield Hallam University for the Pre-service Post 16 and Further Education PGCE programme, and I think it went very well. I actually came away from the interview wishing it was my first choice as they made me feel so welcome, but I had already decided to go to Doncaster after being offered a place and securing my placement at John Leggott College in Scunthorpe. Anyway, I thought I would just write up about what I did and how it went. So here goes..

My reading for the train journey

As I noted in my previous interview post, Sheffield’s interview was the most formal out of them all, and took place over quite a few hours. The first stage was a group presentation whereby two course tutors explained the programme to us, and went through all the practicalities. There was four of us present at this interview, and after the initial discussion we were each invited in turn to present our micro teach activities. The guidelines for this activity were as follows;

– The activity could last no longer than 5 minutes (We were timed, and stopped at bang on 5 minutes!)

– We had to teach something which was relevant to the curriculum we intend to teach

– We were not allowed the use of a computer, projector or PowerPoint – they were looking for creative and engaging ideas

For my micro teach I decided to approach it as though I was teaching students whom knew nothing about Travel & Tourism. So I decided to to a nice and easy basic activity from one of the very first modules taught in; Unit 1: An introduction to Travel and Tourism. I chose to use flash cards, but with a twist. I chose to do my activity a bit like speed dating. I made flash cards with key terms on them and definitions, and the idea was that the participants would work in pairs; one having to describe the key term to the other without saying the word or some other words highlighted in red too! It worked really well on the day and we had a bit of competition between teams to see who could finish first. In my individual interview I was asked to reflect upon the activity, and asked how I would improve it if I did it again.

My micro teach activity

Within the individual interview I was asked a lot of the questions which I mentioned within my interview preparation post, which was good as I was really well prepared! One of the interviews and me were discussing workloads of teachers (I chose this and academisation as my current educational issues) and they commented saying that I appeared to be extremely committed and ready for life as a teacher which was fantastic to hear! After this interview it made me really excited about starting a PGCE and teaching properly, I genuinely can’t wait.

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