Doncaster Interview; I’m now officially a trainee teacher in September!

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Argh so excited and happy right now! I’m literally on the train on the way back from Doncaster and I just had to write this post up. After all my stressing and panicking over my interview, which I think is because this was the choice I really wanted, it went really well and I was offered a place!

Fresh Prince of Bel Air dancing sums me up right now!

I thought it would be a great idea to write a post up about how I found my experience today at the interview, after all it did go exceptionally well!


As I mentioned in my previous interview post (if you’ve read it) Doncaster required two things for me with regards to the interview;

1. An academic writing task

2. A 10 minute presentation entitled ‘Travel and Tourism; why is it important in the Lifelong Learning sector?’

The writing tasks was quite straight forward, I had an extract to read and three questions to answer about it, with the main focus being on how to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom. And the 10 minute presentation I had fun creating, I love presentations! Sad I know, but I do. I decided to make my presentation on Prezi as I think PowerPoint is overused and not engaging for viewers.  Prezi is much better as it allows you to zoom in and out to change the focus, and then viewers and not faced with slides of text to distract them from me talking.

You can find my presentation here: Prezi Presentation

Me being the over-punctual stress head that I am, I got the earliest train I could to Doncaster this morning, so was an early start (and I don’t do mornings!). And I began my preparation early for the day by reading the latest copy of the TES magazine.

My reading for the train journey
My reading for the train journey

After my train and short bus journey I arrived at the High Melton campus of Doncaster University Centre at about 10.45am… interview wasn’t until 1pm, see what I mean about being over-punctual, and not wishing to be late, ever. Anyway, I found myself a nice little cafe and took refuge in there with a coffee. I got my laptop out and started to revise everything I had planned for the interview, my ten minute presentation I had to give, possible answers to interview questions, and I read up on the current educational issues and news. I had my lunch and then set out to find the room I needed to be in for my interview.


The academic that interviewed me was absolutely lovely, I gave my presentation entitled ‘Travel and Tourism: Why is it important in the Lifelong Learning sector?’, and then we sat and had a chat. It wasn’t a formal interview as such, so all my fretting was for nothing! Apparently they just wanted to see that I could present in front of people, as after all that is a big part of teaching. Formal interviews proved very successful in the past but then candidates weren’t very good at the actual presenting so things were changed to accommodate for this. When we had a discussion she told me that she would have no problems offering me a place as I am very knowledgeable about my subject, and my passion for teaching and tourism really shines through when I’m talking. I don’t think I could have got a bigger compliment to be honest. I was over the moon with this response, and left the room I’m sure with a smile from ear to ear.

Next Steps

Anyway, now I just have to wait for my official confirmation to come through in the post, and gather all my paperwork, but it is official, I will be a trainee teacher from September 2016. I can’t wait, it’s going to be the best experience ever and it’s the beginning of my academic career!

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