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Hi everyone, sorry I’ve not posted in a while! As you can imagine my life is rather hectic at the moment and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. But this post brings extremely positive news. I’ve managed to secure myself my first teaching role. Wahooooo. As you can gather I’m rather excited about this whole ordeal. So I’ll explain how this happened. On Wednesday I attended a recruitment event at Lincoln College thinking it was going to be a little informal gathering, speaking to a few members of staff and perhaps just expressing my interest to work there. How wrong I was. When I got there I was asked to fill in a registration form and was seated. I was informed that when I was complete I would be taken over to the manager of the relevant subject area. This is when the nerves kicked in….I really was not prepared for this at all. The room was set up in an interview style format and I immediately went into a little panic, but remained calm and positive saying to myself “You can do this Claire….” whilst also thinking what on earth am I going to say if they ask certain questions??

Anyway, as it turns out, me and the manager for Hospitality and Tourism was an absolutely lovely lady and we got on like a house on fire. I was so relieved. It ended up being more like an informal discussion over my experience, how I find the age similarity with the students, and then we even started talking about non teaching related topics. She was interested in the title of my dissertation, dark tourism, so this gives us something to talk about. She seemed to be very impressed with my CV and me as a candidate. She then proceeded to ask “When can you start?” to which  I thought was a joke, and I laughingly said “whenever”, then she replied with “no… I’m serious….when can you start?”. I was absolutely overwhelmed! In my head I was doing a little dance, and I made my excited eeeeeeeeeek noise inside too. As the whole process seemed a little too easy, on the way home I couldn’t help but think, was I just right for the role? or was she that desperate she’d have accepted anyone that walked in? Of course, I need to stop beating myself up, if she didn’t like me or think I was good enough she wouldn’t have appointed me.

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So, the role is supply working for an agency FE Resources, but by the sounds of it there is regular work for me each week. I am meeting with her on Friday 3rd March to meet the rest of the team and get my bearings in the college. She is also treating me to lunch! Which I’m excited about. She did mention that I can start the week after so I’ll find out more on Friday. I know it’s only supply, so not permanent, but it’s a foot in the door and you never know it might lead somewhere. It’s going to be a fantastic experience teaching somewhere other than my placement, and getting experience for my CV which will aid me when I apply for permanent teaching roles.

Anyway, sorry for the slightly lengthy post here guys! I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday and when I start teaching for real.

Take care,

Feel free to drop me a message or comment. I’m especially interested in hearing from you if you have ever worked for the agency FE resources and can shed any light, especially if I need to know what I am letting myself in for.


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