If you’re reading this blog and don’t know who I am, and don’t want to read my ‘About Me’ page, then here’s some FAQ’s which will hopefully clear up any questions you have about me, or this blog.

1. Who are you?

I’m Claire, 24 years old, a recent graduate from The University of Lincoln studying BA (Hons) International Tourism Management. And now I am a PGCE in the Lifelong Learning Sector student at the University Centre in Doncaster College.

2. What are you blogging about?

My experience of applying for a PGCE, and my life as a trainee teacher, as well as sharing ideas and discussing current educational issues and topics.

3. Who is the blog primarily for?

Anyone who is thinking about becoming a teacher, or who already is one, and wants guidance, to share ideas and get involved in discussions.

4. How frequently do you blog?

I have the aim of making at least one blog post a week, however sometimes it may be slightly longer due to other commitments.

5. What makes you an expert?

I am in no ways an expert, just an individual who wants to share their experiences of applying for a PGCE and how I have found it, sharing useful information that will hopefully help other like minded people out.

6. Are you associated with any other blogs?

I am not currently associated with any other blogs.

7. Are there any other blogs you recommend?

There are a few blogs similar to this one and on the same topic which are worth a read, these are as follows:

– Ashanti Payne, a blog about her Secondary PGCE  in Georgraphy journey, the lead up and during

– Jennifer Wilson, a secondary English teacher blogging about the curriculum, leadership and gender issues

Teach Learn Create, current teacher with a website and a blog sharing lots of ideas and innovative ways to enhance teaching

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