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Hello everyone! Long time no speak, my sincere apologies about that one. I have been so manic recently with my teaching, working, uni and life in general that I just haven’t had the time to post on here. But this week when I got the e-mail about my hosting and domain name renewal I thought to myself; “I should really make time to work on my blog!”…so here I am! Well, to break me back into the habit of blogging again I thought it would be best to give you all an update on my life at the moment, tell you what’s been happening lately and of course show you some photos mainly of my gorgeous niece. Not that I need an excuse to flaunt her cuteness across the internet though.

I honestly cannot believe where this last year has gone. It seems to have flown by. My niece Maddison turns 1 next month! How on earth can that be possible? She was only just born?? Anyway, she is turning out to be a real little cutie, she’s mastered the crawling now and pulling herself up on furniture. It won’t be long at all before she’s walking.

Timelapse of Maddison over the past year 2016 – 2017

New Job

Since I haven’t given you an update recently, I supposed I better mention work. I’ve been at my new job since March 2017 now as a travel and tourism lecturer at Lincoln College. It’s only on supply, but it’s a foot in the door and I’m hoping it leads somewhere else in the future. I absolutely love my job, and when I talk to Lliam about work he thinks I’m mad for looking forward to going to work. When in actual fact being in this position now has just made it very definite for me that I have made the right choice and that this is all I have ever wanted to do. I’m almost at the end of my PGCE now, just a month or so left to go. It’ll be such a relief when it’s over, knowing all the hard work has paid off and I’ll be a fully qualified teacher 😀 It’s also going to be a great feeling knowing I can concentrate on the teaching side of my role with not having to write assignments at the same time, giving me more time for the side of the job I love.

New Car

Another recent update that has happened in my life is buying a new car! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but to me it was. I’ve never really had a ‘nice’ car that I was proud of and enjoyed driving. So it was great when we part exchanged our car in and got a nice shiny Vauxhall Insignia. My brother teased me saying it’s a family car…no plans just yet, but it would indeed be big enough! It’s taken me a while to get used to driving such a big car, but I absolutely love it.


Last month me and Lliam also got an allotment just up the road from us. It’s only a half sized patch, but if we can make a success of it then there’s no reason that we couldn’t get a bigger one next year. We have planned all the things we want to grow from carrots, onions and garlic to pumpkins, tomatoes and fruit bushes. I know it’s going to be hard work but the reward of knowing that we grew it will be worth it. And homegrown produce always tastes so much better than shop bought, so that’s something to look forward to. I’ve planted all my seeds in a propagator in the living room window sill and will report back when there’s progress.

I feel like I’ve waffled on for a while now, once again sorry I hadn’t posted in a while, I will really try and get my posts more regular from now on!

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